Origin of the company

KEEWAY was established in 1999 in European Union. Thanks to its strategic geographic location in the continent, during the following several years KEEWAY quickly expanded to Central Eastern Europe. The success from early years laid a solid foundation for its further fast development in Europe.

Further development

From 2004, accompanied with dramatic geographic expansion, KEEWAY has witnessed its exponential growth throughout the entire European market. By 2007, KEEWAY already covered 37 European countries. During the same time, it established another 6 subsidiary companies in Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia and Finland. The R&D Center was also established during this period in Italy.

Americas are also important markets KEEWAY conquered during this period. Two subsidiary companies were established in USA and Venezuela. At the end of 2007, most of North and South American countries had been covered.

In Asia, the regional headquarter was set up in Shanghai, China, covering a subsidiary company in Vietnam and another 6 important countries in central and southeastern Asia . In Africa, 8 countries are currently covered.